Tellico Village, TN

Welcome, adventurer, to the captivating allure of Tellico Village in Loudon County, TN.

Tellico Village, Loudon County, Tennessee is a tranquil sanctuary, nestled amidst the rolling hills of East Tennessee, that offers a unique fusion of Southern hospitality, scenic landscapes, and an undeniable small-town charm that promises to captivate your heart and soul.

The Lay of the Land

As your journey brings you to Tellico Village, the bounty of Mother Nature enfolds you in her warm embrace. The crystalline expanse of Tellico Lake stretches out over 15,860 acres, shimmering like a sapphire mirror reflecting the verdant hills and the cerulean sky. The tranquil waters beckon you to indulge in leisurely days of boating, fishing, or simply basking in the tranquility that only a lakeside lifestyle can offer. 

Surrounding the lake, you will discover over 5,000 acres of fertile land, a canvas of woods, meadows, and meticulously maintained residential areas. Three premier golf courses – the Toqua, Tanasi, and the Links at Kahite – punctuate the landscape, each presenting a unique challenge for golf enthusiasts and panoramic views that will leave you breathless.

Southern Heart, Global Spirit

In the heart of Tellico Village, you’ll find a vibrant, close-knit community of over 8,000 residents, a tapestry of individuals from all corners of the globe. These residents bring their rich histories, diverse cultures, and shared love for this beautiful corner of Tennessee, creating a uniquely inclusive atmosphere. 

The community is a lively blend of Southern-born locals and adventurers from afar. While the locals treasure their peaceful surroundings, they also relish their active, engaged lifestyle. It’s a place where neighbors become family, and every day is an opportunity to forge new friendships and lasting memories.

Homes for Sale

Life in Tellico Village

A plethora of activities awaits you in Tellico Village. The Wellness Center, with its state-of-the-art fitness facilities, indoor and outdoor pools, and tennis courts, provides the perfect setting for a healthy lifestyle. The Yacht Club serves as a hub for social gatherings, offering gourmet dining with an exquisite lake view. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, the winding trails and lush green parks offer endless opportunities for hiking, cycling, and exploring the abundant local wildlife. The community’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty of its surroundings is unwavering, and residents are dedicated to maintaining a sustainable, eco-friendly environment.

A Place to Call Home

In Tellico Village, the architecture complements the natural surroundings. The homes, ranging from charming single-family dwellings to luxury lakeside properties, offer panoramic vistas of the lake, golf courses, and rolling landscapes. You’ll find a house that can truly become your home, a sanctuary that reflects your style, and a place from where you can live your best life.

Education and Economy

Tellico Village is part of the respected Loudon County School District, renowned for its commitment to excellence in education. Various public and private schools cater to all age groups, providing a robust foundation for the younger generation. 

The local economy is robust, with a wide range of industries supporting the area, from manufacturing and healthcare to retail and services. For those who still wish to engage in work, opportunities are plentiful, and the proximity to Knoxville allows for an easy commute.

Your Future in Tellico Village

Tellico Village is more than just a location; it is a lifestyle. It is a promise of serenity, camaraderie, and a life steeped in natural beauty and vibrant community living. If you’re contemplating a new beginning, let the whispers of Tellico Village lure you into a world where life is savored and cherished, a world soaked in the essence of the finest Tennessee bourbon. 

From the first dawn’s golden hues that bathe the lake to the twilight that dyes the hills in fiery rose, every moment in Tellico Village is a sonnet sung by nature. The melody is sweet, the rhythm soothing, and the lyrics narrate a tale of a life lived in harmony with the world around you.

But beyond the allure of the natural world, Tellico Village offers the irresistible charm of a community that thrives on connection. Here, you’re not just a resident; you’re a cherished member of a family. A family that celebrates together, supports each other and cherishes the shared experience of living in this slice of paradise.

You’ll find your passion in the area’s numerous clubs and organizations, where interests as diverse as boating, gardening, and arts find a dedicated following. Or the lure of volunteerism will call to you, offering a chance to give back to the community and make a tangible difference.

As the sun sets, you might find yourself at one of the local eateries or the Yacht Club, sharing tales of the day’s adventures over a gourmet meal. The sound of friendly conversation, the clinking of glasses raising a toast, and shared laughter create a symphony of contentment that underscores life in Tellico Village.


The beauty of Tellico Village is not just in its idyllic landscapes but in its people, their warmth, their shared sense of community, and their love for this special place they call home. 

So, as you ponder your next lifestyle adventure, picture yourself in Tellico Village. Visualize the sun rising over the lake, the friendly wave of a neighbor, and the sense of peace and comfort that comes from knowing you’ve found your place in the world.

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